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IT Arena 2019: our impressions & conclusions

IT Arena 2019: our impressions & conclusions

IT Arena 2019: our impressions & conclusions

We recently visited IT Arena 2019, the most prominent IT conference in Eastern Europe. This year we saw a lot of foreigners visiting it. That’s a good sign for the Ukrainian economy. Despite all the troubles, Ukraine has a worldwide community that sees significant potential in local experts.

Amongst all the meetups, I liked the ones by Oobah Butler and Chris Baker (CEO of Softserve) and a few others which I will describe in future posts.

Oobah Butler’s speech was about his success in creating a spoof restaurant called “The Shed at Dulwich” and a few other experiments with clothes brands. It was inspiring. I recommend you look him up on YouTube and watch his videos. His speech again shows us the importance of a creative way of thinking. By creating spoof brands and restaurants, he shows that people look for the feeling of quality, not the quality itself. This is what we are fighting against in Broscorp. Our goal is not to fake software development but to be the real thing.

Chris Baker talked about supporting a Value Chain. The age of doing “something” and then getting paid for that “something” has gone. It’s an elementary economy. If you do bad stuff for your client, it may lead to the client’s bankruptcy, and you won’t receive any more money. That simple. Every developer, PM, Sales, and QA should realize the value their jobs bring to the client.

Overall, we met a lot of great people and many promising startups. Thanks to Lviv and IT Arena for this possibility for broadening our horizons. See you next year!

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