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We have experience in collecting, processing, transforming and visualizing data to give you practical insights that help your business grow. We know how to deal with real-time systems, and we are brave enough to treat Big Data properly.

Focus On Result

Our goal is not just to complete a task or project, but to increase efficiency by automating the work processes of your business

Processing Any Data

We can handle real time terrabyte scale big data solution as well as regular data processing with relatively small amounts of data

Flexible Solutions

We are able to make decisions based on existing platforms, and completely customised. For data processing we use Lambda & Cappa architecture

So what can we do?

  • The first step in any data processing is to read data from the source. We know how to collect the data from whatever input you have. Please give us your dump, database, queue, or stream.
  • S3
  • HDFS
  • SFTP
  • Apache Kafka
  • The second step is to extract this data, transform it, and load it efficiently. At Broscorp, we make this process robust, capable handling any amounts of data, reliably, and cost-efficiently.
  • Apache Spark
  • Apache Nifi
  • AWS
  • Glue
  • The third step is storage. Whether building a data warehouse, or creating a data lake, the right choice for storage is a crucial part of the whole data processing solution.
  • HP Vertica
  • AWS Redshift
  • S3
  • That's the full process, having no aim other than getting practical insights to make critical business decisions. So the final step is to visualize the data and find the right dimensions to look at the data.

There is no single right solution in the data analysis world. Each case is unique and we have enough experience to find the right set of tools and technologies to give you instant access to your data.

Get a Free Estimation

Tell us about your data flow and we will design a tailor-made, efficient and reliable pipeline with fancy dashboards

Our Case Studies

What our clients
are saying

Our reputation speaks for what we do. We're sure that one client's feedback is better than 1000 words of our own

Image Testimonial
Lindsay Uittenbogaard
Principal Consultant at Mirror Mirror Hub
“Committed, reliable experts with the success of the project for my business top of mind. Thoroughly recommend Broscorp.”
Image Testimonial
Ronald Cho
Vice President | Sales and Business Development at Inovvo
“We have engaged Broscorp for close to 2 years now on several big data projects dealing with custom software development in the areas of data collection, ingestion, enrichment as well as User Interface Design. They have always exceeded expectations and delivered in time and within budget. They are highly conscientious and will always deliver more than expected if the project calls for it and when time permits. Highly Recommended.”
Image Testimonial
Pavel Kats
Jewish Heritage Network Co-Founder and CEO
“Broscorp gave more than expected by sincere engagement of the management team into the project needs and goals and open and effective communication.”
Image Testimonial
Mike Boote
CEO of FlightPOS
“The team at Broscorp has delivered everything that we needed. They’re always coming up with solutions. I’ve worked with other developers that have come into problems that just give up. Broscorp’s team comes back with options to solve any issues, allowing us to make the final decision. From a project management standpoint, their team is extremely organized. They’re well-structured, asking all of the right questions to ensure they’re working correctly. They’re incredibly responsive, particularly 24 hours a day. The team at Broscorp has gone out of their way to understand our business. They know exactly what we’re trying to deliver to our customers. Their team has become part of the company.”
Image Testimonial
Elena Teytelman
Director at of Augmented Intelligence at GSI, Inc. the USA
“Broscorp team has provided an outstanding level of professional attitude and great knowledge in software development. They figured out weak points and speed up the development process in many times. Definitely can recommend them.”

Data must be correctly collected, stored and processed. But such tasks require high expertise.

  • We will help to hide all the boring, heavy work with data and the technical difficulties of processing them. Instead, you will get information: dependencies, estimates, coefficients, visualization, or any other data display formats.

Saving Resources

Reduces the cost, saves time, allows you to focus on business development, improving / expanding the service, value to our business process

Migration To Web

You can work on a project as a whole team without interfering with each other and without overwriting any changes made by your colleagues

Rendering Data

We can render huge amounts of data using tables, Gants, charts with ready made services like Tableau or integrate it with your custom apps

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