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Become a Java Developer

Become a Java Developer

We have developed a unique training program to teach our potential employees all the essential skills needed in their everyday job.

Such important things like:

  • Internals of JDK and garbage collection.
  • Understanding the core computer science concepts.
  • Writing correct unit tests.
  • Ability to work as part of a team and perform code reviews for colleagues.

By doing internships we can always select the most willing and talented juniors on the market and always have some bench to serve out potential clients.

About Broscorp

Broscorp is a custom software development company from Ukraine (Dnipro).

Our main purpose is to help small and medium businesses grow by creating custom software solutions that:

  • automate the routine process
  • facilitate in decision making
  • launch innovative products and services

We create complex web applications, data analytics, sophisticated big-data solutions, and 3rd party integrations. Our main goal is to create outstanding solutions, serving the real business need instead of just implementing what the client says to do. The same we do with our developers. We know how to mentor, develop strong sights and keep them growing up to the senior level. 

Peculiarities of our corporate culture:

  • Participating in Company Rituals

Taking part in our corporate culture company rituals and activities is a way to show team spirit and sportiveness in our company. For example, daily standup meetings, where everyone can share his workflow and plans for the day with colleagues.

  • Openness and honesty

We embrace transparency – we make our work visible and share information openly. Everyone can access all relevant information to be able to make the best decision in the project. We communicate frankly and on the same level.

  • Mentoring Junior Employees

Passing down knowledge, guidelines, advice – is part of working with our company. Senior employees that have a lot of job experience in the industry or at the company can take the time to advise greener employees about various areas in projects.

About internship program

Our team is specialized in creating web applications for data processing and analysis. We bet you have a question what includes our trainee program? That’s a good question. Let us explain to you all stages of our trainee program.

First, we invite you to show us how well you know java theory. To prove your knowledge, you will complete 16 mini-tasks, and after that, our mentor will check them. If you complete all tasks, we will invite you to the second stage of our trainee program. In this stage, you will be able to have a practical experience in development. After all tasks, we will be glad to make you an offer to work in our team.


About the project: If you have basic programming skills, this internship will allow you to understand the practical aspects of teamwork for modern developers. We offer a place in the company to people who have reached the finals and have proven themselves.

We expect from you: a passion for programming,  Java Core, Spring WebMVC.

Will be a plus: The presence of hobby projects, unit testing, typescript, English minimum B1. 

Your responsibilities: develop cool tools under the guidance of experienced mentors.

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