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About us

The company founders are developers who went through the grind of corporate routine for many years, gaining deep technical knowledge, labouring through the ranks, establishing their credibility in their professional skills, and identifying the gaps in the field before venturing out to start their own business.

Our vision and mission

Broscorp’s main value is to deliver a product with high external and internal quality. By external quality, we mean the ability of software to fulfil every requirement, bringing maximum benefit to our customers. Internal quality is the capacity to change and evolve quickly to fit changing business environments.

Our philosophy

We try to be not just a contractor, but to offer a solution. We help the client formulate the idea clearly before starting. We conduct an analysis to accurately describe the client’s business goals and carry out a ‘validation’ of whether what we do corresponds to what the client wants. If required, we provide consulting: our expertise is sufficient to offer options and choose the best solution.
We are flexible. At Broscorp we do not have rigid work processes, rather we try to customise communication and processes for the project based on the mutual desire of the client and ourselves.