Telecom Software Development

Managing the chaos of data is an essential factor in the profitability of any telecom-related company. Storing huge volumes efficiently, securing data to protect clients’ information, and analyzing the data to increase operational efficiency are the most common tasks of any telecom company. Broscorp knows how to make telecom data serve the good.


Telecom software development services

Telecom Real-Time Network Analytics
To extract valuable insights from the different data sources in real time by creating scalable and robust data pipelines/a> and ETLs.
Telecom Network Performance Monitoring
To prevent outages of service and streamline operation management by collecting hardware metrics in real time and analyze the data by using powerful dashboards to keep track of crucial KPIs.
Billing and Provisioning System
To bill clients for traffic by tracking used megabytes in real time, automate invoicing, connect with accounting systems, and build custom integrations.

Technical Expertise in the Telecom Sector

Real time
Broscorp knows how to process large data volumes in real time to outpace competitors and get the most actual results.
The volumes of data are constantly increasing, so Broscorp develops data processing systems to deal with it.
Systems crunching telecom data must be resilient and robust to avoid even short outages, so Broscorp keeps that in mind during the development and architecture phase.
Speed up data processing of telecom data with our ETL development services to save time to run your business!

Case Studies

Axiata had an issue with data processing because it was challenging to integrate some platforms and extract data from them. We built custom data processing pipelines to read data from hardware and comprehensive dashboards for operational needs.
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The problem is to keep track of tourists and send an alert if they breach the quarantine rules. To solve this problem, we processed data in real time to get the latest geographical location and signal if a user left the permitted region.
See Case Study
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