Broscorp offers innovative solutions for various business areas. Ukrainian custom software development company can implement complex projects to promote your business to new levels. Proponents of creativity, we accomplish tasks according to requirements and goals you set. Our company’s cornerstone principle is IT case studies including the target audience behaviour and customer needs analysis. We provide software development case studies so that you can estimate our level of expertise.

What can you find out with Broscorp’s cases?

The portfolio of software development company contains real projects only. Our IT specialists used to tackle various international projects. Check these case study examples:

  • Real-time monitoring for the world biggest Oracle ERP system. The American company asked us to upgrade their legacy metrics collection system, develop a performance optimization application and create an early error detection solution. We also carried out business processes automation. Eventually, the customer was satisfied with final results and said they would continue work with us. 
  • The in-flight retail solutions. The company’s services were ineffective, so they lost huge profits. This case study for software development shows how important it is to fully adapt resources to user behaviour. We have implemented a secure online payment system, created a clear dashboard for airlines and developed software to collect, process and analyse sales statistics. Now, the company can scale and enjoy a system to be conveniently installed and deployed if a new partner airline joins. 
  • The real-time mobile subscribers monitoring platform. An Asian mobile operator asked to help them identify areas where their equipment failed to provide high-quality network coverage. Upon data processing (ETL) and visualisation, we pinpointed some problem areas with 50 m accuracy. This was a forward-looking solution (if collected data accuracy increases in the future, the solution can be scaled easily). As a result, the customer has got effective software helping them promptly collect reliable coverage quality data to address problems fast. It allowed the mobile operator to improve the customer service quality and boost subscriber loyalty levels. 

Please visit our page to check other real-life examples. Broscorp accurately implements customer requirements helping businesses improve services, automate procedures and process data efficiently. Right after taking on a task, we conduct a case study of software development projects. This helps us reveal core factors that directly affect your business growth.

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