Web application development services

Custom web app development services constitute the bulk of Broscrop’s services. Backed by a large portfolio of completed projects and many hours of team experience in the development of web applications, we create digital projects that will qualitatively improve your business performance.


Web application development services

Custom Web Application Development
We have developed several dozen sophisticated and innovative Web applications using cutting-edge technologies and tools.
MVP & POC Web Application development
Building an MVP version of a web application enables you to quickly gather feedback from the market and plan further product development.
Custom integrations services
Flexible integration with all third-party services that support data exchange via API.

Our experience in web apps development services

Marketplace app development
Marketplaces of different purposes are developed internally in Broscorp. We concentrate on non-standard ones such as NFT or B2B marketplaces that require unique functionality and custom integrations. By creating visually attractive and functionally rich marketplaces, Broscorp can produce unique, innovative products.
SaaS platform development
Having software that solves a real-life problem is a win. Making a SaaS is a way to scale the solution, reach the clients and simplify usage. Broscorp has experience in creating scalable, maintainable and secure SaaS platforms.
B2B web portal development
There are numerous reasons businesses require building internal b2b portals. Such things like automation of routine business processes, consolidation of data from different sources, and integration with existing CRMs and ERP’s. The b2b portals are like a swiss knife. There are multifunctional and easy to use. Broscorp can create such a one-stop portal to rule them by having control over your fingertips.

Why Broscorp?

Broscorp is a software development company that provides web applications development services. The main advantage businesses get from developing web applications is a win-win strategy for owners of online resources and their clients. Users receive a convenient, fast, and affordable digital service, while website owners enjoy a business automation tool. We will pick the right tools for your case, lead your solution to market success, and help you monetize your idea.

Benefits of developing custom web applications with Broscorp

By automating routine business processes, we boost the efficiency of your business.
Deep business analysis and market research help us make your product profitable.
We use the most up-to-date technologies and modern approaches to make your web app blazingly fast.
Web application will handle more users when your startup skyrockets.
Are you looking for a web app development company for your business?

Our Approach

step 1

Business Analysis

Analyzing business requirements and market conditions is necessary to find out the target audience of a digital product, understand its functionality, and check competitors.
step 1
Preparing terms of reference: requirements for a web application must be documented. Prototyping a web application is a key step that enables you to think through and visualize the entire logic of a digital product.
step 1
The adaptive layout of a web application is how an interface design gets implemented on different devices. Developing the server- and client-side of the program is the main stage in the development of web applications.
step 1
Support & Maintenance
Testing of web applications necessarily comes not only at the stage of the final release but also during the development process. Launching and technical support mean hosting a web application in the cloud with subsequent maintenance services.

Successful web application project delivery


A next-gen NFT platform that provides completely new use cases for digital artists and offers a unique way of licensing NFTs.


A coupon website with an advanced admin portal, scalable backend, and comprehensive data pipeline for fetching new coupons on schedule integrated with multiple coupon providers and an intellectual coupon parser.

Cultured Supply

A marketplace that consists of a web application, admin portal, and backend for matching suppliers and buyers of eco-friendly chemical ingredients and innovative ways of building supply chains.


An NFT platform that consists of a web application, serverless backend, and generative adversarial networks to renovate and bring new life into old NFTs.

Web technology stack

Angular, HTML5, Angular Material, Typescript
Java, Spring, Hibernate
Cloud & Data
AWS, Postgresql, GCP, Redshift, Azure, AWS S3, MySQL

Build a Successful Digital Product

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