Daniel Eisenberg
Daniel Eisenberg
CEO and Co-Founder of Broscorp
My main purpose is to help small and medium businesses grow by creating custom software solutions that: 1. automate the routine process 2. facilitate in decision making 3. launch innovative products and services Every business that required my help has achieved its goals and increased its revenue. My main advantage as a CEO and Lead Software Developer is to connect my rich technical experience in different software development areas with the business needs of our clients. I am establishing the first handshake with a client, analyzing the technical specifications, estimating and budgeting coming projects. I know how to quickly and efficiently find the right people, build a team around client needs and lead this team towards client success.
How to accept payment on your site online? Stripe Integration Process
Stripe payment integration or the best way to receive payment online
Stripe is the leading global payment processor for internet-based businesses. It’s easy to use, secure and powerful. Stripe integrates with all major eCommerce platforms, so you can easily set up a payment handler for your website. Stripe has been called
Bespoke vs. ready-made software. What to choose
Bespoke vs. ready-made software. What to choose?
Bespoke vs. ready-made software Every business—regardless of size—needs software to manage data, improve customer service, and bolster in-house processes. Various marketplaces offer our customers a stunning range of software products and services. Which to choose? In this article, we share our
What is OpenAPI?
What Is OpenAPI? Definition, Benefits And Specifications
What is OpenAPI? OpenAPI is obviously an open standard for describing the REST API protocol. Like any other communication protocol, REST API requires some kind of specification that would act as a source of truth both for the client and
make Java Lambda faster
10 hints to make Java Lambda faster
Broscorp created quite a lot of different Lambda functions for different clients. All of them served different purposes but share something in common. As Broscorp has vast experience working with Java, we write and fine-tune Lambda functions in Java. Usually,
Build Software Based on Blockchain
Build Software Based on Blockchain
Blockchain technology is the latest buzz in the world of innovation, with more than 68 million users having active blockchain wallets. This is an exponential growth given that the tech barely had 3.16 million users back in 2015. Although blockchain
Crypto Data Collecting services
Crypto Data Collecting services using APIs
Crypto is arguably one of the fastest-growing technologies currently in terms of consumer and institutional adoption. With average global ownership of 3.9% and over 300 million active users, cryptocurrencies have enormous potential of driving next-gen consumer applications and products. Moreover,
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