In-House Development Vs Outsourced Development:
In-House Development Vs Outsourced Development: The Pros And Cons Of Each
In House Development Vs Outsourcing – How To Decide? What’s better, in-house development vs outsourcing?  The comparison of these two approaches may have started in 1989 when Kodak first gave its software project to 3rd party developers. Up to now,
What is the MVP Development Process?
Step-by-Step Checklist to Build a Minimum Viable Product
What is the MVP Development Process? MVP – is a minimum viable product for testing market demand without significant investments. Essentially, it is a way to bring a software product to market quickly. The product team identifies a problem, analyzes
The 5 Most Common Mistakes Startups Make When Choosing A Software Development Partner
Startups are always looking for ways to squeeze their budgets and save an extra penny when they can. And when salaries go up as we’ve seen in recent years, outsourcing becomes a favorite option. Today 60% of US companies outsource
What is OpenAPI?
What Is OpenAPI? Definition, Benefits And Specifications
What is OpenAPI? OpenAPI is obviously an open standard for describing the REST API protocol. Like any other communication protocol, REST API requires some kind of specification that would act as a source of truth both for the client and
10 hints to make Java Lambda faster
10 hints to make Java Lambda faster
Broscorp created quite a lot of different Lambda functions for different clients. All of them served different purposes but share something in common. As Broscorp has vast experience working with Java, we write and fine-tune Lambda functions in Java. Usually,
Developing a minimum viable product
Why Should You Build An MVP For Your Startup?
Do You Need an MVP?  Many modern technologies have made it much easier to start a business. You now have access to multitudes of IT tools and can take advantage of the application market to grow your business. However, developing
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