Real-time data pipelines for financial analytics

real time data pipelines

Client and Business Goals:

Back in 2020, the entrepreneur Jon set up a business aimed at helping small and medium businesses in Sweden streamline their financial analytics and reporting. After a few successful cases, it was time to scale and automate his solution, and then Broscorp came into the game.

Product Description:

Enhanza is a tool that makes financial and ERP data available for analytics in a clean and understandable way. All in all, it helps speed up the decision-making process and cut profit losses.

Technology Stack:

BigQuery, Python, Google Cloud Platform, Firebase, Manual testing, and Agile management framework

Project Highlights:

  • Improved synchronization pipeline to support near-real-time updates from Fortnox API for hundreds of clients
  • Digital transformation and maintenance 
  • Comprehensive business analysis to meet client requirements

Improved synchronization pipeline to support near-real-time updates from Fortnox API for hundreds of clients

Fortnox is a popular Scandinavian tool designed for finance management. It solves a lot of business problems, but it lacks good built-in analytics. However, the exposed API is rich enough for building third-party integrations. Broscorp built a set of serverless functions using GCP to collect information from multiple endpoints and store data in Google Big Query in a way to make sure it can later be efficiently retrieved to build analytics on top. We overcame the limitations, while solutions are fully scalable and thereby help Enhanza expand without any additional costs to onboard following clients.

Digital transformation and maintenance

One of the biggest challenges was to transform Enhanza digitally. Once set up as a small startup serving a few clients, it was expected to grow soon. For this reason, all of the processes such as registration, onboarding, and connection to the data sources had to be automated to minimize interaction and avoid human errors. Broscorp analyzed every single bit, which can be automated, and prepared a set of serverless applications to link systems between each other and avoid manual steps. Moreover, Broscorp provided services to maintain the whole set of tools with comprehensive monitoring & alert system to help react to any unusual or unexpected behaviour, decreasing the outage time dramatically.

Real-time data pipelines for financial analytics

Comprehensive business analysis to meet client requirements

What is more difficult is that each client often requested customized solutions despite having standard analytics and reporting. Solutions like that involved integrating with yet another third-party system and creating custom dashboards. Every single client required tailor-made business analysis and a set of features to integrate with their systems. Broscorp organized a workflow to streamline the collection of such requirements and create custom solutions.

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