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Real-time monitoring for the world biggest Oracle ERP system

Business challenge story

Our client GSI is a certified Oracle Platinum Partner located in the USA came to us with multiple challenges: 

  • Improve legacy metric collection system.
  • Implement real-time metric collection that helps identify possible errors in the early stages.
  • Automate the process of assembling business process code.
  • To create the application for performance optimisation in terms of migration processes


  • We set up automation for building custom ERP systems.
  • We developed an application that helps to optimise the performance of migration processes.
  • Improved existing legacy metric collection system. Developed new features, fixed old bugs, added new metrics.


Automated invoicing

Our solution has an option to generate invoices automatically and promptly. 

Smooth migration

The Performance optimizer makes the migration process easier. 

Custom ERP systems

The solution allows for choosing any needed block to build a custom Enterprise Resource Planning software.

Development improvements

Our improvements drastically improved the code quality, reduced the number of bugs, increased development and delivery speed.

Business results

  • Our client has got a new service for his customers:  automatic packaging of applications.
  • Our client expanded his possibilities to create custom ERP via automation we implemented in.
  • The routine tasks running by humans were replaced by automation that cut the client’s costs significantly. 
  • Our client has got improved metrics collection system that helps to identify problems in the earlier stages.