The in-flight retail solutions — Case Study by Broscorp

The in-flight retail solutions


Business challenge story

Everyone gets used to buy goods on the board of an airplane. But no one knows there is no automated solution for airplane companies in this area. The problems are:

  1. Passengers cannot see the full list of services and goods available
  2. Passengers cannot safely buy goods&services online via payment cards
  3. Crew cannot serve passengers efficiently and get online notifications about new orders
  4. The company doesn’t have analytics about remaining stock and goods/service popularity on different routes


We have developed airline software with the payment processing, crew notifications, remaining stock tracking as well as created a data lake to collect, process and analyze real-time raw data of goods and services sold on each route and created dashboards to provide useful insights for the airline companies.



In case the FlightPos gets a new airline company to be connected it’s going to take a day to install and deploy the full system.

Real-time analytics

We built a Data Lake which collects the data, then transforms, process and creates Dashboards that visualize useful insights out of the raw data thus helping to take decisions for airline companies.

Point of Sale

Full platform ready to be used to provide the digital menu, sell goods, notify crew, safely manage card payments.

Business results

  • Our client got a scalable backend cloud-based solution to keep track of orders, goods and payments.
  • We have created a Data lake to collect raw data and extract useful insights by visualizing processed data on handy Dashboards.

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