Make Healthcare Business Efficient With A Chatbot

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Case Study: Remind me, Doc

COVID-19 has changed the world a lot. It changed the way we communicate, forcing us to go all-digital. But the real reason for that is the people’s desire to stay safe, which became especially apparent as of late. Today, people choose to hold a meeting online because they don’t want to endanger their health and life. Staying safe and sound has become everyone’s top priority. In response to this demand, we have created the Remind Me, Doc chatbot in healthcare designed to keep people healthy by doing simple but essential things: reminding them to take pills, measuring their vitals online, doing checkups timely, and scheduling appointments with doctors. The chatbot is built on a variety of APIs for maximum speed and cost-effectiveness of delivery.

Feature 1: Take medication in time

The bot for doctors can communicate with the user’s health provider and pull from their medical record the data about the medication prescribed, including timing, dosage, and instructions for medical use indicating when it should be taken, e.g., after/before the meal or with food.

Make Healthcare Business Efficient With A Chatbot
Make Healthcare Business Efficient With A Chatbot

Feature 2: Measure your vitals

Remind Me, Doc has a reminder functionality. It can be configured to send a message at the given time via Messenger to remind the user to take their medicine or take daily vitals measurement (temperature, blood pressure, pulse, pain level). The latter then can be submitted to the user’s healthcare provider to be included in the medical record. If the health indicators suggest danger for the user’s health, chatbot will offer to make an appointment with their doctor via Messenger and walk them through the process of making it.

Make Healthcare Business Efficient With A Chatbot

Feature 3: Do check-ups in time

Did you know that, according to the statistics, over 50% of people don’t follow their medication regimen? Did you know that women in the US who were found to have cancer during an early checkup survived in 93% of cases against only 15% for those who didn’t do early checkup? Did you know that high blood pressure is the number one risk factor for stroke and a significant risk factor for heart disease?

These diseases can be prevented by doing recurrent checkups. The bot can remind the user about them, taking the information about checkups from their medical record and walking them through the scheduling process.

Make Healthcare Business Efficient With A Chatbot

How did we build the bot?

This project was prepared for DrChrono’s 2021 Healthcare Hackathon, so we integrated our solution with its open APIs. First, a scenario was created with a specific customer journey that could bring value to patients. We used the Facebook Messenger API to make the chatbot for hospitals, DrChrono APIs for authorization, medication reminders, appointment scheduling, patient medical records, and condition lists, and Postman for API integration. The application was written in Java with Spring for accepting requests from users. It uses PostgreSQL for data storage and Thymeleaf for Authorization and Measure Your Vitals forms.

Learn more about our “Custom Java Development Services“.

What is the result?

How did we build the bot?

The project was submitted to DrChrono Hackathon and won the Modern Healthcare Solutions nomination. The competition was tough: our project was one of the 10 picked from among 500 submitted. The organizer of the hackathon was DrChrono, a California-based US healthcare tech company. We are really proud to have created a solution that was appreciated by a major healthcare company. 

How does that case be useful for you? 

If you’re looking for a way to scale your business, get more customers, or automate your routine business process without breaking the bank, an API integration product that requires no separate development might be an excellent option to consider, and our team at Broscorp would happily make it happen for you. Also check Broscorp’s it case studies.

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