ETL Developers Hiring Guide

ETL Developers Hiring Guide

Nowadays, modern technology allows large structured or unstructured data sets to be delivered in near real-time. Although expensive, big data analytics will enable companies to derive practical insights and achieve a competitive advantage. According to Statista, by 2029, the value of the big data analytics market is expected to run over 655 billion U.S. dollars, up from around 241 billion in 2021.

Companies need to leverage vast data and acquire valuable insights to ensure profit. But, if the information is not comprehensible and manageable, it is harder to gain in-depth insights into it. So, extracting the data from different sources, transforming it, and loading it into logical units is critical.

The first stage to turn data into valuable insights is called ETL (Extract-Transform-Load), and the person laying the base for that is called “ETL developer”. ETL Developers can make life a lot easier for the data team by Extracting, Transforming, and efficiently loading your data.

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What Is ETL development?
  • How organizations can benefit from implementing custom ETL solutions?
  • What are ETL developers exactly doing? 
  • How to choose the right ETL developer company for your project?
  • What technical skills should every ETL developer have?
  • Things to check when hiring a data ETL developer company?

What Is ETL Development? 

ETL stands for extracting, transforming, and loading data — from one or more disparate sources, like databases, cloud environments, web services and CRM, to build a data warehouse or data lake. ETL is a three-fold process that includes the following steps.


The first step is to explore the data required for the next stages and build an efficient extraction process by integrating with third-party systems. Organizations generate vast volumes of data. It is stored across numerous systems and in different formats. Therefore, data must move between the steps to power a company’s data strategy.


During the second step, companies implement business rules to get standardization, data sorting, and validation. Then, in simple terms, the ETL developer transforms various data types into the required form. Therefore, this stage includes data cleansing, data standardization, deduplication and data verification.


Once you’re done with the transformation step, it’s time for the third one. The final stage is loading the transformed data into the data warehouse. During this stage, the ETL developer load data into a data lake or warehouse where you can manage them competently and productively. Occasionally, loading can be frequent and periodically done at regular periods.

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How organizations can benefit from implementing custom ETL solution?

Faster data-driven decision-making

An ETL solution allows you to collect, transform, and consolidate data in an automated way. Hence, you can take all-important management decisions more quickly than your competitors.

Increase profit using data

A well-designed ETL system delivers data ready to be used for optimizing your expenses and discovering growth opportunities.

Invest more efficiently

An ETL solution helps provide data governance and measure KPIs to make sure you always keep track of how efficient your investment is.

What Are ETL Developers Exactly Doing? 

Let’s look deeper at what ETL developers can do. Data experts commonly use ETL to create, develop, automate, and support complicated applications to extract, transform, and load data. To be more exact, the responsibilities of an ETL developer are as follows:

  • ETL is one of the critical steps in the data processing. First of all, ETL developers identify data storage requirements. 
  • Then, ETL engineers define the organization’s storage needs and outline the strategy, setting the borders of data processing.
  • After figuring out the needs, the data experts create a data warehouse tailored to a company’s needs.
  • Also, an important step is creating data pipelines: a sum of tools and processes that move data to the user. 
  • The ETL developer provides system architecture per part and the data pipeline. Pipelines connect data among systems and move it from one format to another.
  • When the data warehouse is developed, the ETL specialist extracts and delivers the data to the new system.
  • After that, the ETL engineers conduct testing of the tools and data pipelines to ensure stability. 
  • ETL specialist also fixes all issues with the warehousing system, document the system’s requirements, and manage its development.

Common Skills an ETL Developer Must Have

1. Scripting language knowledge

Knowledge of a scripting language can help ETL developers manage files, directories, users, and authorization issues that complicate ETL.

2. SQL (Structured Query Language)

ETL processes depend on SQL since it’s the most popular database language used at every step of the ETL process. As a result, every part of ETL you can build using SQL, and usually, it is.

3. Data modelling

ETL engineers determine the data formats and how data will be represented in the warehousing system. Reading, analyzing, and transforming data are the essential skills that allow an ETL specialist to define data output formats in a database.

4. Database engineering

Of course, usually, database engineers build databases, but ETL developers are also expected to have an experience in SQL databases to manage the development process. After all, ETL engineers need to have a stable knowledge of data warehouse architecture’s concepts, features, and techniques.

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5. Self-organization and problem-solving

During the development process, seldom all really goes according to plan. An ETL Developer always has many tasks to complete in a project or during a sprint. So, this is why the critical skill for an ETL engineer is to always keep the work at hand organized and structured.

Things to Check When Hiring Data ETL Developer Company


An ETL development company’s following thing to look for is its case studies with relevant experience. After that research, you have to shortlist some vendors. Please go via the projects they have already done in the past, the budget and number of projects they have successfully finished, the customers they have worked for, and how long they have been in the market.


While hiring an ETL developer company, visit famous feedback platforms like Clutch or GoodFirms to read some honest clients’ testimonials about different agencies. It is essential to see the ratings and understand what customers say about a software development company.  You can also find last or current clients and ask them about their experience working with the ETL developer company. Most would not mind communicating with you and sharing their honest thoughts. Thus, you will get a first-hand review.

First-hand review

Actually, you can ask the picked companies to give you a list of their previous clients. Agencies with an excellent reputation and trust in their skills will quickly share clients’ details. This would also allow you to comprehend the work ethic of the future software development partner. After all, proceed with the ETL development companies you find to be the perfect fit, including all the abovementioned tips.

Why Hire Dedicated ETL Developers At Broscorp?

Why should you choose Broscrop for your project? Because we are not “creating code”. Broscorp is very involved in building data solutions at every stage. From business analysis to the “going-live” phase, we become your software development partner who cares about the final product’s success.

Why choose Broscorp for ETL development and data integration services?

In building ETL solutions, we always start with business analysis. Then, Broscorp sets the final goal and collects the information about data sources, data transformations that may be required, data models and type of storage in your organization. Once business analysis is done, Broscorp creates the solution using an agile workflow and tailors it to the client’s needs at every interim step. Finally, we launch the user acceptance testing after development and fix all the inaccuracies.

Complete development control

Implementing custom ETL solutions enables you to tailor the key to your project’s needs. With complete control over the development process, you can implement the features to match your objectives. For example, working with specific data sources that any third-party services might not support is essential.


An ETL solution created from the ground up can easily keep up with the changes as your project grows and boosts. All in all, you can implement new features, and customization options fast if needed—this is something that’s not possible with third-party tools.

Non-standard solutions

Need to process terabytes of data in real-time and don’t want to lose any bit of them? Need to build a highly scalable solution that can keep up if the workload increases? All the long way down the road, Broscorp creates individual and comprehensive solutions that crunch data at supersonic speeds or utilize complete mathematical transformations. As a result, there’s hardly anything we can’t implement.

Hire Dedicated ETL Developers

Our ETL data services consist of the following:

  • Data integration. We are consolidating structured and unstructured data from different sources to get a unified view with real-time insights.
  • Data transformation and loading. We are effortlessly converting raw data from one format into another format or structure that’s cleansed, validated, and ready to use.
  • Data storage. We are fetching data from multiple sources and storing them in one place using on-premises or cloud storage for analytical reporting, ad-hoc queries, and decision-making.

Final Words

To manage data chaos, companies need to clean, sort, and structure data—this process is called ETL (extract, transform, load).  Therefore, the success of your project depends on the ETL developer you’re working with. If your business generates many data while you’re struggling to cope with it, Broscrop’s data experts would be glad to help you deal with your data and make maximum output use of them. If you want to get a quote for ETL as a service, please feel free to contact us and get an instant response!

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