How To Hire BI Development Company: Detailed Guide

How To Hire BI Development Company: Detailed Guide

In a digital world, a lot of data is required to understand. More than 14 years ago, Clive Humby, a data scientist, said: “Data is the new oil.” As a result, data obsession is all the rage today as companies work to get data. Unlike oil, however, data costs zero, it isn’t beneficial unless you can make sense of it.

For example, it is challenging to comprehend extensive information if they are not accompanied by pictures or other visualized content. So, we use BI to transform numeric data into charts and graphs. The data amount keeps increasing, so special services and programs are used for a more thorough analysis. However, the volume will present the data in a simple and easy-to-understand form. Nowadays, visualized data is required in various activity areas—representatives of organizations operating in marketing, sales, financial, accounting, HR sectors, and so on request data visualization.

In this article, we look into how business intelligence helps companies, what does a business intelligence developer do and how to hire business intelligence developers. Keep reading!

What Is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence is a general term that describes the various software solutions, technologies, and techniques that analyze data to help organizations make more informed decisions. Today, the global BI adoption rate stands at 26%, which will increase as more key decision-makers comprehend the interaction between decision-making and business intelligence in cost reduction and streamlined processes.

Businesses hire BI developers to implement solutions for accessing data from various sources, transforming that data into valuable insights, monitoring KPIs (key performance indicators), and reporting the relevant data to the leaders, decision-makers and staff. 

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How Can Business Intelligence Help a Business?

But before we go any further, how does business intelligence help companies? First, every company needs data to make sound business intelligence decisions affecting its future. So they analyze large volumes of structured and unstructured information daily from various sources such as CRM, websites, apps, and even third-party databases. It will be faster to perceive data if all the information is compiled in a single chart. In addition, such methods can design presentations and visually represent your ideas and insights. 

When should you implement business Intelligence solutions? You will need visualized content if you want to:

  • analyze the data required for the company;
  • speed up the decision-making process;
  • make complex and confusing data easier to perceive.

A business will develop quickly if its management knows the main working insights. You can visualize the organization’s marketing goals, achievements, and profit level.

What should you look for in BI developers?

Business Intelligence is significant for every company. The main thing is to provide all the necessary data and study the received information in a suitable form after that. An understandable format will help you assess the development prospects much faster. But how do you hire a business intelligence developer company that will help you successfully implement data decision-making into your business?

The position and responsibilities of a BI developer can differ, mainly based on the organization’s needs. Nevertheless, it would help if you always looked for someone with comprehensive custom software development and data engineering background and experience in creating and using databases. After all, they need to have used BI tools in the past and made different BI products. 

Specific Business Intelligence tools (like PowerBI or Tableau) and programming languages the BI developer must work with will depend on the tasks you expect them to undertake. Connect your requirements to your company’s technology stack. Read the detailed BI developers hiring guide below to learn about how to hire BI developers.

What Are the Responsibilities of a BI Developer?

BI developer’s responsibilities include using and visualising numbers and data to drive decision-making in a company. Organizations use it to make more profitable investments, develop more competitive products, deliver customer-oriented services, predict market trends and new competitors’ actions, monitor cash flow better and much more. While developing models is a task of ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) specialists, BI developers are responsible for proper connections between objects. 

But, to comprehend your real focus for the future BI solution, it’s always better to consult with a professional in the field.

Skills That BI Development Company Must Have

Business intelligence engineer skills can vary from project to project. That’s why we will guide you via the leading BI developer’s skills list to prepare for any case.

1. Solid Tech background

First of all, a BI development company must have a solid knowledge of different programming languages to build good Business Intelligence dashboards. Also, they should have a good experience with warehouse structure, data formatting and an extensive understanding of data visualization libraries. Mixing coding and analytics is the best way to create robust BI solutions.

2. Stable Database Background

Databases are essential to the functioning of a BI interface. All databases are connected with SQL and non-SQL queries. Therefore, Bl developers need regular work with data models, relations, etc.  Also, a BI developer must understand how databases work and how information is organized to work with current and historical data to develop interfaces and create various Bi tools appropriate to the company. With these skills, Bl developers can interact with databases and create a functional BI interface.

3. Experience With BI Tools

Of course, BI developer technical skills must contain a background of working with current BI tools to create custom solutions. The most famous BI tools in the market are Power BI, Tableau, Google Data Studio and pre-made solutions like Apache Superset. The BI developer must have experience in reporting functions of these solutions and show knowledge of the respective BI tool.

4. Business Analysis Skills

Business intelligence is essential to a company’s strategy to gain value in its operations by analyzing data. Therefore, BI developers must be able to mix mathematics, statistics, programming languages, and other unique bits of knowledge to run up business analysis and decision-making. Then, they systematically use this ability to create valuable solutions that improve performance and find opportunities for improvement in company operations. Moreover, this skill would be easier to participate in data warehouse development.

Additional Skills That Are an Advantage

1. Skills to create tech documentation

Each system requires specialized tech documentation. Of course, a BI developer will not onboard users to the business intelligence and guide them on how to use it, but they are in charge of navigating a document. This documentation describes the scope of use for users or the technical team, API documentation, all tech issues, etc.

2. Software engineering skills

Software engineer skills depend on the platform you will launch your business intelligence interface. Current systems are multiplatform so that they can be accessed through mobile apps, via web browsers, or web applications. So, understanding a programming language depends on the current platform.

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3. Debugging/troubleshooting skills

Each stage of designing, developing, and maintaining needs stand troubleshooting skills. For example, while we speak about company data, there is a specific phase of sophistication related to security issues, data entrance, data management, licenses, updates, and maintenance of the whole platform.

Things You Should Check When Hiring BI Developer Company

The BI developer is an expert who concentrates on the user-facing part of the data pipeline. An ideal decision for hiring a business intelligence developer is when your requirements are analytical/reporting than data processing and integration. But, If you are considering creating a data platform or lake/warehouse/data integration tools) you have to think of hiring a dedicated BI Development Company with the following people on board: ETL developer, data lake/warehouse developer, data engineer, and BI developer.

Find BI Development Company

Use Google to search for BI development companies. In addition, you can find information about Business Intelligence services from company websites and check their previous clients and work approach.

Check their Reviews

Then, scan company reviews and rankings websites. Some of the most popular of them are Clutch and Goodfirms. You can find the search results by country, average hourly rate, project budget,  industry focus, and more.

Check their Cases

This is where you begin comparing BI development companies on your list. It allows you to comprehend what the company has already done and if they can handle your project.

Why Hire Dedicated Business Intelligence Developers At Broscorp?

Broscorp has more than 5 years of focus on developing custom business intelligence solutions that help businesses crunch vast amounts of data, discover potential trends, and increase profit. Learn more about how business intelligence can help implement data-driven decision-making at your company. Broscorp’s BI development services:


Analysis And Data Modelling

The key to excellent outcomes is comprehensive data analysis and data modelling. You can save a lot of time & effort by defining a suitable data model to help accomplish the project’s goals.

Setting Up The Bi Solution

Broscorp help chooses the right BI solution, connect to the different data sources (create custom ones in some cases), and conduct the data cleansing.

Data Visualization And Reporting

Any BI solutions usually include a fascinating part, i.e. data visualization. Once data is ready, we develop a visual data presentation using the most appropriate BI tool.

Team Training

Setting up the BI tool and defining the data model isn’t enough to let your company squeeze the full benefit out of your BI solution. So, Broscorp leads the training sessions along with the documentation for the tech team.

Final Words

BI is a critical component of a data-driven organization’s strategy to gain insights into its operations by analyzing data. At Broscorp, we propose developing custom business intelligence solutions that help companies enhance strategic decisions, identify problems, find potential trends, increase revenue, or discover opportunities. Unearth hidden potential in your data with Broscorp’s business intelligence development company.

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