Why Should You Build An MVP For Your Startup?

Developing a minimum viable product

Do You Need an MVP? 

Many modern technologies have made it much easier to start a business. You now have access to multitudes of IT tools and can take advantage of the application market to grow your business. However, developing apps is no easy task. They are expensive to develop and maintain, and they require a specific skill set and are time consuming. So where does an MVP fit in all this? 

Well, developing a minimum viable product is a guaranteed way of saving money and time when developing your app. You’ll also get access to valuable user feedback, test your application’s features, and see how your audience welcomes it. 

This article will help you ditch the expensive, unplanned app development, and give you enough reasons why you should consider launching a minimum viable product instead.

What is MVP Software Development?

Minimum Viable Product abbreviated as MVP in software development refers to a version of a product with just the right number of features that provide value to your customers. The features should just be enough to reveal your startup idea and collect the end-users’ feedback. 

 Let’s break down the phrase so you can understand it better: 

  • Minimum means a product is simple and your business will need a minimum number of resources to create such a product.
  • Viable means a product you desire – it has a beautiful design, it’s useful, fast, interesting, and loved by consumers. However, the downside of it is that it takes a lot of time, effort and money to develop a viable product. 

Depending on the results you’ll get after launching an MVP, you can easily find out and decide whether it is worth investing further and developing a full-featured product or you need to develop the business idea further. 

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What Are The Top Benefits of developing an MVP? 

Minimize development costs

Developing an MVP will need a minimum of resources. When you put in all your resources from the start and develop a sophisticated product, you’ll spend so much time waiting before your web application is released, and you are most likely to spend so much more than you budgeted for.  For every additional feature or change in design, you will be required to pay. So, leaving out any unnecessary features and implementations will reduce your initial costs.

Product-Market Fit Identification Before Launch

You can test your startup’s concepts and get an idea on market demand. The feedback you’ll get from end-users help you to know what features need to be added or improved, whether your solution will have a product-market fit and many other ideas on how you can give more value to your potential customers.  

Short Time-to-Market Period 

A short time-to-market period is very important for startups to become competitive. The longer you wait, the more your competitors have a chance to become better than you. So, launching an MVP is a quick way to get your product in to the market, get feedback, and know how you can develop your solution even more.

Testing a minimum viable product

Mvp allows businesses to test a product idea and assess the validity or invalidity of their business plan. The idea is to create a useable prototype of the product and digitally release the unfinished version to prospective users. Targeted advertising helps us with quick results. Launching a minimum viable product for a startup will give you early users. You will gain the attention of people and potential customers who are engaged with your product.

Development With Minimal Risks

It is very crucial to know that polished large-scale apps take many years to develop and require a lot of effort, time and money. Most of the used and popular software products were at first very small and only started adopting costly extensive features over the years. Launching a minimum viable product for a startup will give you early users. You will gain the attention of people and potential customers who are engaged with your product.

MVP PoC Prototype

Key Takeaway

To save your time, resources and reduce costs when entering the market with a new idea, we highly recommend considering an MVP. It will help your startup increase product quality, efficiency, and customer relationships. Moreover, with an MVP, you can bring to light new needs and new problems, so you can easily predict the future of your app! 

At Broscorp, we have developed numerous MVPs for many different projects and helped many startups leverage on the value of MVPs. Do you want to make your idea or product profitable? Our experienced team of experts will guide you through the process and help you go-live product in less than 90 days! Get in touch with us for estimation now!

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