BI & ETL development services

Properly developed ETL & business intelligence solutions can help businesses deal with huge amounts of data, discover potential trends, and increase profit. By implementing a data pipeline, you can beat your competitors with more reliable and up-to-date insights.


Various data processing services:

ETL services combine extraction, transformation, and loading of data used in later stages to build analytics on top.
Business intelligence solutions is a set of tools that unbox raw data into actionable insights that helps in strategic and tactical decision making.
Building a custom data pipeline helps businesses link accounting, HR, warehouse, and other systems into one powerful data warehouse
More than
of small businesses rely on business intelligence tools for planning their strategies and goals.
Build efficient data processing and BI
solutions with Broscorp

Our Approach

step 1

Сollect the data

First data should be collect from different sources like ERP’s, CRM’s, queues, 3rd party API’s.
step 1
Transform, clean up, store
Then data should be properly cleaned up from duplicates and efficiently stored in the data warehousе.
step 1
Once data is ready we build visual data presentation using the most appropriate BI tool
step 1
Get useful insights
Once data is served to you it will show you hidden insights, potential trends and hidden profit.

Our BI & ETL case studies

A solution that helps consulting company to build a completely automated data pipeline starting from collecting survey responses, data analysis, aggregation and serving comprehensive reports to the clients to show hidden potential in the team alignment.
See case study
A solution that supplies Sweden companies with unique insights to improve their financial management. By integrating with accounting SaaS services, collecting transaction information into a data warehouse and building insightful dashboards and charts.
See case study
A solution that helps telecom company improve their internal business processes via automated data pipelines and business intelligence solution. A solution itself collects real-time streaming data from telecom cell towers. Then filter aggregate and store data. And on top of that, providing dashboards and reports helps management make key decisions.
See case study

What analytics tools do we work with?

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