10 advantages of bespoke software development

10 advantages of bespoke software development

What is bespoke software?

Custom software solutions created from scratch for the needs of a particular business are always unique and specialized. They adapt to existing business processes and allow for rapid implementation of new ones. There are no analogues in this case. Their interface is designed specifically for employees and customers of that particular company. All special software functions and tools are used to their fullest extent, % of capacity – nothing superfluous, only useful. Of course, such software, made to order, allows you to work as efficiently as possible.

Moreover, this type of software belongs only to the company that uses it. This means that you can add and remove features. If necessary, you can always develop a customized software solution according to the requirements of the business. So check custom-written software advantages.

№1 – Custom software can solve the exact problem.

There are hundreds of different solutions to almost any problem nowadays. Usually,
a solution is initially designed to solve only one problem, but when you get clients,
each new one asks for more and more features. While trying to catch all of the
client’s needs, solutions usually end up solving everything and nothing. When you as
a business would like your business problem to be solved, it is not what you aim for.
The benefits of bespoke software include, among other things, solving exactly your
problem rather than trying to satisfy hundreds of other clients.

№2 – Bespoke software will be your competitive advantage. No one else has it.

When you order custom software, this usually means you have a business problem
to automate. By solving this problem, you can speed up processes and decisions
and decrease costs and human errors. By using bespoke software, you can
definitely gain an additional competitive advantage. You can create better products,
release them faster, analyze data better, and make better decisions—while your
competitors are trying to analyze data in excel, you are skyrocketing with your
custom software.

№3 – It can reduce your costs when it comes to long-term usage.

Of course, it can turn out that using some ready-made solution is faster and cheaper
in the short term. But what if you are trying to build a strategy for years and
Many ready-made solutions are free for one user but may cost $1,000 for ten users
per month. All in all, your budget can make you extremely sad when you scale up.
Properly designed software is scalable: it doesn’t ask for 10X more money if you
bring 100+ employees on board, as it will smartly tackle that without additional costs.

№4 – It can do something special and innovative that ready-made products cannot.

Developing custom software is a way to create something innovative. With custom
software, you may get a solution that has never been created before. By thinking
outside the box, you can have a solution that stays a hundred steps ahead of any
read-made solutions. You are free to decide and avoid any limitations.
All ready-made solutions in the market solve common problems. It has no financial
sense to solve something that only one business needs. However, if it’s your
business and this particular business process is worth automating, why would you
wait until someone decides to build it for you?

№5 – It may become your own product you can sell.

When you develop custom software, it is fully yours. If it solves your business
problem the right way, it may become an excellent product that may be useful for
other companies. So, one of the bespoke software advantages is a double benefit. It
solves your problems, and it also can be a source of additional revenue.

№6 – Integrate different IT systems into one.

By developing custom software, you are literally not limited to integrating any
systems into one powerful and efficient one. Ready-made solutions usually have
tons of limitations when integrating with third-party systems. Even if it is possible, it
would not have all of the features you can get if you make a proper integration.
Besides, you may already have different software systems, and you drastically
increase efficiency by creating custom software that will properly integrate all of

№7 – You can make it better while your business grows.

Creating your custom software means that you can add missing features in the
future without paying for them right now. It is a common situation when business
growth requires more and more. And it is also quite true to ready-made solutions
that, at first glance, seem like they have everything you need at the moment. But if
tomorrow you want to add some non-standard feature, then you are stuck. With
custom software, you are free to improve it when it is really needed without any

№8 – Gain fine-grained control over collected data.

With custom software, you can collect much more data than with ready-made
solutions and extract insights out of your data.

Do you want to know how much time is spent on a particular feature, collect business-critical data, or collect sensor readings? No problem, by controlling the
data, you get an opportunity to keep your eye on the ball and make decisions
promptly, which means that your business is bound to be successful.

№9 – White labeling.

If you develop custom software to be sold to other users/companies, you may need it
to be white-labelled. Then, of course, you would like to have your logo and custom
colours whenever possible. You are literally free to do so with custom software
without any problems. However, it is usually hard or even totally impossible with
ready-made solutions at all.

№10 – Minimize disruption by improving your solution gradually.

You can minimize disruption by improving your custom software gradually. Avoid
painful migration from one ready-made solution that fits your business when it is
small to another one when your business grows bigger. All of these migrations from
one solution to another are about disruption, client churn, and lost profit. With
bespoke software, you can grow gradually and avoid losing any profit.

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