Why your next software development company should be from Ukraine?


IT outsourcing is a sought-after approach to reducing project expenses, shortening time-to-market for new products and features, and improving business workflows. Over recent years Ukraine has become one of the attractive destinations for IT outsourcing.

In this article, we’ll tell why contracting IT developers from Ukraine can be the best decision for your business.

First, some useful statistics:

  • The leading ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers “Clutch” registers over 1500 companies that supply services from app developers in Ukraine. Many of these companies are rating leaders in their respective industries.
  • Large talent pool. At the same time, local software developers often have a university technical education: for example, in Ukraine alone, there are 16,000 technical graduates per annum.
  • In accord with “DOU” a well-respected IT-oriented portal in Ukraine, more than 80% of developers in Ukraine speak English fluently or B2 level. This simplifies communication greatly and removes cultural barriers, as compared to many other IT outsourcing locations worldwide.

Why your next software development company should be from Ukraine?

There are reasons such as:

  • Business-oriented approach – we don’t just “write code.” We solve real-world problems.
  • Fast market approach. No more long-running projects that cannot release on time and waste money.
  • Comprehensive technical solutions from Blockchain to Real-time massive data processing.

Is it safe to work with Ukraine now in wartime conditions?

Just some practical facts:

  • The banking system in Ukraine is solid and stable. Swift operates normally the same as Western Union and Paypal, and a lot more.
  • Ukraine is generously supplied by hundreds of StarLink devices and our internet connection to the global network is not limited by any censors and artificial limitations.
  • Active internships and continuous team training. We have developed a unique training program to teach our potential employees all the essential skills needed in their everyday job. By doing internships, we can always select the most willing and talented juniors on the market and always have some bench to serve out potential clients. So with Broscorp, you’d always be able to expand the team with experienced engineers and promising bright juniors.
  • On the other hand, look at Ukraine. Working and investing in Ukraine is a new trend. It’s a responsible and wise decision.

Could you find anyone more motivated than Ukrainians these days? We don’t only fight against aggression, but also we fight to bring benefit.

We provide comprehensive services – from data collection and consulting to product design and further maintenance. Custom solution development fully complies with clients’ requirements. Ultimately, our client gets an application to accomplish their commercial goals in full. We turn ideas into effective business results. 

Сonsequently, while working with a dependable IT outsourcing partner “Broscrop” a business can gain an outstanding competitive edge and optimize the expenses to ensure a healthy profit and success.

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