What is crypto and blockchain analytics?

Crypto and blockchain analytics

Today, cryptocurrency is deeply entrenched in the market and seen as a full-fledged player in the world of financial technologies. When working with this line, you want to conduct crypto data analysis.

Crypto and blockchain analytics is a process of analyzing on-chain and off-chain data to get actionable insights and make decisions.

Analyzing on-chain data means:

  • Reading live transactions
  • Analyzing blocks
  • Analyzing historical data
  • DEX analytics
  • Smart contract analytics

Off-chain data is an umbrella term, but in our case we mean the following by saying off-chain:

  • Social data analysis of market events
  • Developer activity for certain blockchains
  • Real-time trading

Why would you need crypto and blockchain analysis?

There are only two most important reasons why you may need to analyze crypto metrics:

  • Finding the best performing coins for investment
  • Finding the best timing for investment

How can bespoke software help with crypto analysis?

The crypto world is super dynamic. There aren’t too many ready-made solutions, so if you need to create an analysis solution, you would require bespoke software.
A piece of software like that has the following functionality:

  • Integrating with different APIs to collect as much useful information as possible
  • Processing data in real-time by applying the right transformations and aggregations
  • Storing data effectively in data warehouses and data lakes
  • Creating custom alerts when certain events happen
  • Creating custom dashboards
  • Detecting data patterns to react to emerging trends quickly

Learn more about “Crypto Data Collecting services using APIs

Profits you get with crypto analytics software 

Crypto analysis software aims to simplify interaction with users and get valid advice based on computer analytics. We recommend eliminating human data analysis and letting computer programs perform this process.
We’ll provide a solution to display the received data of financial analytics, trading volume, historical trading data, current prices, and news feeds reflecting the current market situation.

Today, crypto surely has a significant impact on financial markets. Nowadays, crypto is a game-changer. Just a couple of years ago, this realm attracted very few, but ever since then, it has changed drastically. Eventually, that would be only the minority who won’t be involved in the crypto world. To better understand this market and ways to succeed here, you need data and analytics to get the most out of the crypto market. Our team would be glad to help you with that, while our solutions have already been helping our clients to make money.

If you’re looking for a way to scale your business, get more customers, or automate your routine business processes, our team at Broscorp would happily make it happen for you. Also, check out Broscorp’s case studies.

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